Here you will find our thoughts on the games we have been playing and the tech we’ve been using.

Product Review – The Kit for the Content

Those of you that know us well know that Ross likes his tech and his gadgets and everything that could possibly help improve our stream quality across Twitch and other platforms.  Here he takes a look into the tech that makes Gamer Tagged tick!

Product Review – Which PS4 Controller?

Ross delves into the hardware market to take a look at some of the many controllers now available for the Playstation 4 that are available.  What works, what doesn’t, there’s something available for every pair of hands now it seems!

Product Unboxing – God of War Collector’s Edition

An absolute thing of beauty in all aspects.  Ross takes a look at the frankly glorious God of War Collector’s Edition with this very special unboxing video


We had our eye on this one for a long time and were overjoyed to finally get a chance to play it.  Potentially one of the games of 2017 already, Ross put this thoughts together in a comprehensive review.  Click on the image below for the full report.


Horizon Zero Dawn

We’ve known Horizon Zero Dawn was always going to special. Right from the very first announcement back in E3 of 2015 and every subsequent trailer since it’s release, it wowed with its brave new protagonist and captivating world where primitive tribal culture fuses together hi-tech robotic beasts roaming the wilderness. It quickly became PlayStation’s hottest, most exciting looking new IP. Click on the image below for the full report.


Sniper Elite 4

Throughout the entirety of my 30 hours with Sniper Elite 4’s campaign I had a grin the size of a Chesire cat. It’s not often a long running game series realises it’s potential in such a confident manner, but with the latest entry of master sniper Karl Fairburne’s secret exploits overseas, Rebellion Studios have nailed it. Click on the image below for the full report.


Razer Rajiu Controller

Razer has always been regarded as one of the best gaming peripheral manufacturers in the industry. Synonymous particularly with the PC scene and their highly regarded mouse and keyboard customisation options. They also dabbled quite successfully in to the console space with their Xbox controllers, the Sabertooth, Serval and most recently for Xbox One, the WildcatClick on the image below for the full report.

Razer Raiju Gaming Controller for PS4

Mantis Burn Racing

I love a good arcade racer… unlike my more simulation daft buddy Ross here on Gamer Tagged I’m all about the unrealistic power slides, the side slams, t-bars, crashes, bashes, speed, and well, more fun aspects of racing.

Mantis Burn Racing, a game I would LOVE to know how its title came about, is a throwback to the halcyon days of top down arcade multiplayer racers such as Super Sprint and it’s successor, Championship Sprint and later on the likes of BadlandsClick on the image below for the full report.

Mantis Burn Racing


I suck at racing games! I mean REALLY badly. After 20 years of playing all sorts, from Mario Kart, Wipeout and F-Zero right through to Sega Rally, Gran Turismo and Burnout, you’d think I’d improve at least a little. But no, I’m always the worst out of my friends and even the AI on easy setting laughs at me.

But the petrol head in me has never ceased to be enthused about strapping myself in to a virtual cockpit and hoon around the place in a very expensive automobile in the pursuit of that perfect lap. Click on the image below for the full report.


Strike Vector Ex

Strike Vector EX came out of nowhere like a heat-seeking missile to PSN store this week. From tiny indie studio Ragequit Corporation comes a science fiction arcade air-combat shooter that feels like a throwback to the classics Afterburner, Ace Combat and Descent in the best possible way. Click on the image below for the full report.


Worms W.M.D

I’m down to my last worm, it’s 3 against 1 in a tense multiplayer battle that has now gone in to sudden death, the tide is rising and I am backed in to a corner! There is only one thing for it…. Bring out the Super Banana and prey I don’t miss time the throw. Dang it! I mess up the throw but wait… I get a lucky bounce and Super Banana lands right at the feet (do worms have feet?) of Bleezeyboy, explodes in to a crescendo of smaller explosions sending hell fire everywhere, catapulting Bleezeyboy in to the sky engulfed in flames and close enough to the sentry turret that was before just out of range. Click on the image below for the full report.

Worms WMD



From the acclaimed artistic direction of Matt Nava comes ABZÛ,an aquatic adventure that is so serene, so beautiful and so peaceful, that just existing in this world is so uplifting you can’t help be swept away in wonder. Click on the image below for the full report.


Hyper Light Drifter

The world of Hyper Light Drifter (HLD) is beautiful yet simple, sprawling yet confusing and challenging yet rewarding. In fact the more you play Heart Machine Studios new title the more it seems for every one thing it nails perfectly, it is balanced out by one thing that is deeply frustrating. Click on the image below for the full report.



From ThreeOneZero comes ADR1FT. A first person experience (FPX) about an astronaut who awakens stranded, floating above the earth and rapidly loosing oxygen after a catastrophic event all but destroys the space station. It is up to the player to piece together exactly what happened whilst also slowly piecing the station back together by restoring the systems needed to launch the stations Earth Entry Vehicle (EEV) and get back home. Click on the image below for the full report.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Now, finally, after years in development and over 2 years in to the lifespan of the PS4, Sony’s most important exclusive title, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, has just launched. So how is it? Have Naughty Dog given our beloved heroes Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivanand Elena Fisher the send off they deserve, or have they buckled under the weight of expectation and ambition? Click on the image below for the full report.


Stories: The Paths of Destinies

Stories The Path of Destinies feels very much like Groundhog Day with a healthy dose of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox thrown in to the mix for good measure, but thankfully without the “going insane” part! Click on the image below for the full report.

Stories The Path of Destinies

Quantum Break

With the release of Quantum Break on Xbox One, Remedy are betting big with a time travelling vision that few developers dare to have and fewer publishers still would ever get behind. So was that vision 20/20 or just clouded in confusion?


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

A weekend spent gardening is a weekend well spent! Ross put some time in to Plants vs Zombies 2 and here is what we thought. Does it come up smelling of roses? Click on the image below for the full report.


Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

Trine is a series you may not have heard of. It doesn’t get marketed with the help of Hollywood A-list actors or developed with the backing of mega-publishers. By comparison Frozenbyte studios are positively indie. But make no mistake their games have some of the most impeccably crafted environments ever coded. Click on the image below for the full report.


Tearaway Unfolded

Every once in a while something comes along that captures the imagination in such a strong way that whisks us back to our childhood memories. Find out why Ross (AriesFour) ranks Media Molecule’s masterpiece among the ranks of Toy Story and Super Mario Galaxy. Click on the image below for the full report.


Gravity Rush Remastered

It’s safe to say that Ross has been waiting a long time for a remake of this killer Vita game.  It’s finally arrive and he gave his thoughts on the game during his initial playthrough on the PS4. Click on the image below for the full report.



With a trial made available on EA Access ahead of its release, we decided to get to grips with the early levels of beautiful new puzzle platformer Unravel.
Click on the image below for the full report.  


Tom Clancy’s The Division (Closed BETA)

The closed beta for one of the most hotly anticipated titles of the last few years is here! That means we have a new Impressions article of the games’ near final build. This weekend we tested out both the Xbox One and PS4 versions, with gameplay videos, live streams and more than a few choice words as things went horribly wrong in the Dark Zone. Click on the image below for the full report.


Rebel Galaxy

Click on the image below for the full report on just what we thought about this little gem of an indie title.