E3 2018 | Devolver Press Conference Roundup

DEVOLVER DIGITAL GOES ALL IN WITH FANCY REVEALS AND FIRST-LOOKS AT E3 2018 Independent game label Devolver Digital has pulled back the nachos-cheese-stained curtain on a myriad of new games during their 2018 Big Fancy Press Conference ahead of this year’s E3. Introduced by the seemingly indestructible CEO Nina Struthers, Devolver Digital revealed a remaster…

Stagger Style Unveiled For Absolver

Zui Quan masters at Sloclap and bootleggers at Devolver Digital revealed the mysterious fourth combat style for the upcoming combat melee combat game Absolver today: Stagger. The reveal of the unorthodox and unpredictable combat style follows the recent combat overview of the game’s three other combat styles and is showcased in a stunning new trailer….