About Us

Who or what exactly is Gamer Tagged… Since late 2015 we’ve been sharing our views, news and opinions with gaming fans of any stripe. We’ve always wanted to share our enjoyment of the industry, discuss ideas, share memories, and basically show gaming some love.

We hope you’ll come visit this wee corner of the web and chat about the same things we love, hate, play, or do otherwise… we won’t bite, we won’t be disparaging (unless you’re being REALLY daft), nor do we intend to irritate fanboys, start flamewars or troll.  It’s a huge part of our mantra. Gaming should and always will be to us an inclusive hobby.

In short, we’re four guys with a very large extended gaming family who ALL share a big love of games.

Happy Gaming and enjoy our thoughts, musings and findings across the web

You’ll find us frequenting this group over on facebook 😀

Alternatively if you have any questions, contact us at info@gamertagged.co.uk

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