E3 2018 | Square Enix Briefing Roundup

Square Enix kept their conference to a short, sharp 30 minutes of content.  It was a blink and you’ll miss it showing of their forthcoming big hitters; Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XIV, Just Cause 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3 all making an appearance and looking glorious.

For all the short time frame, the also managed to throw in a few left of field to keep things interesting.  Dontnod’s beautiful Captain Spirit set in the Life is Strange universe, alongside enigmatic battle RPG (we’re assuming) Babylon’s Fall kept us on our toes, whilst we got a glimpse into Dragonquest XI and the appearance of Nier Automata with all its DLC on Xbox.  They even managed to squeeze in a trailer for Octopath Traveller for the Switch.

It’s amazing what you can cover in 30 minutes.

Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018

Babylon’s Fall

Although we didn’t see any gameplay, Babylon’s Fall intrigued us with it’s story told through the ages of the rise and fall of man and his struggles against Gaia.  Closing out with what appears to be the awakening of a warrior, we are left with an enigmatic end note; CE 5500 Rebirth – Led by the Nomads, Humanity strikes back against Gaia…

Elder Scrolls type RPG? Third person action RPG? RTS battle? Who knows, but it will be very interesting to find out where it’s heading

Just Cause 4

Rico is back, and this time he’s fighting in tornadoes… while still tethering silly amounts of vehicles, buildings, animals, people et al together in a huge sandbox shooter.  Silly in spades with some serious gunplay, who wouldn’t love to step into his shoes once again to wreak destruction on a massive scale!

Kingdom Hearts 3

It’s time to return to the sugary sweet world of Disney, with even more characters to come across in this sprawling action RPG.  It’s beautiful, it has character in spades, it has Olaf, it has Anna, it has Elsa, I’m pretty sure they’ll sing Let It Go at some point too.  It’s bound to be a sure fire winner and another excellent addition to this series.


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