Circuit Breakers to Hit Xbox One and PS4 This Month

In just three weeks’ time, console players will get their hands on Circuit Breakers! After launching on Steam back in November 2015, the couch co-op twin-stick shooter finally arrives on consoles on 25th July 2017.

Standing at an 88% positive user rating on Steam, Circuit Breakers is a well-loved Smash TV-style game. The retro nature of Circuit Breakers makes it an addictive, ‘just one more go’ sort of game with online leaderboards challenging players to rise up the ranks.

With vibrant and hectic levels, a large variety of playable characters, weapons, and enemies, Circuit Breakers is the ultimate twin-stick shooter. A unique tug-of-war-style mechanic sees players gathering crystals from enemies they defeat, making their weapons more powerful – but the more players fire, the faster their crystals drain.

On Xbox One, Circuit Breakers supports up to six player couch co-op, with the PS4 version offering up to four player compatibility.

And don’t forget that PS4 features the Share Play option, meaning that players will be able to share their game and play with friends via PSN!



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