Micro Machines World Series

Ahhhh… days of old with a Playstation, some mates, a multi-tap and some all-night couch competitive gaming.  Haclyon days that Micro Machines was a huge part of during weekends with mates.

Well it looks like there’s good news on the horizon for those of us old enough to remember this sterling series of table top racers that Table Top Racing makes a huge nod to.  Just dropped today without very much pomp or fanfare was a box shot and screen grab for a forthcoming return to the huge racing world of the tiny racing vehicles.

Micro Machines World Series

It would appear we’re about to see the relaunch of Micro Machines for a new generation with Micro Machines World Series.

There’s so many things we would have on a wish list for this game that we hope will all come true.  Truth be told, it’s likely to be an expanded version of the iOS release from last summer and looks to be coming out for Xbox, Playstation and PC courtesy of Codemasters.

We can’t wait to see just what is up their sleeve with this one.



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