The Last Guardian Gameplay

Today is a momentus days folks. The Last Guardian has finally been released after 10 years of speculation as to what happened to it’s production. And It’s beautiful. This really does bring a tear of joy to the eye! Sony’s Japan Studio and PlayStation itself need a round of applause for sticking by this project and not canning it throughout all the years of uncertainty and trade shows that kept coming and going.

We’ve been playing through the opening few hours and we are hooked. Trico feels like a real mythical creature with personality and feelings quite unlike anything we’re experienced in gaming. But most important is the emotional bond that is developed between this dazzling creature and the boy.

We’ll be doing a full review in due course with lots more video content, but until then here are just a few videos we have put together showing what to look forward too in this strange and captivating land.

Screenshot Gallery

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