Gears of War 4 – Gameplay Overload!

Microsoft Gaming Studios and the Xbox One have been kicking some serious ass these past few months, bringing a fresh catalogue of games in the run up to the holiday season. With Re-Core showing a willingness to try new IP’s and Forza Horizon 3 dominating as THE arcade/sim racing hybrid king, only 1 behemoth of a title remains to deliver a hammer blow to anyone undecided about picking up an Xbox One. Microsoft’s other most important franchise, Gears of War.

We’ve been playing loads of it since launch day last week, both Campaign and the Horde modes. This is a big title with a lot to cover, unlock and general have a huge riot of a time with. So whilst we aren’t yet ready to publish our review, we wanted to get some awesome gameplay straight away! Enjoy! 

It should go without saying that there will be potential spoilers in some of the videos below. You have been warned 😀

Campaign Gameplay

Horde 3.0 Gameplay

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