No Man’s Sky – Limited Edition Unboxing

It feels like an eternity but it is finally here! No Man’s Sky has hit stores across the country, or via the Playstation store if you prefer, and is dazzling gamers worldwide with it’s procedurally generated voodoo (read mathematical algorithmic genius).

Just like all of you, we’ve been waiting 3 years for Hello Games’ most ambitious title yet to launch. Which for gamers is really like dog years, so it feels like FOREEEEEEEEEEEEEVER! So you can imagine just how quickly the wrapper came off this parcel from Mr Postman when he delivered to us the Limited Edition of No Man Sky.

Below is a look at how much bang you get for your bucks. The content of which as follows:

  • A cool outer box packaging that looks like a book
  • A stunning steel case with embossed title and etched diamond pattern of The Atlas
  • 48-page hardback book of The Art of No Man’s Sky
  • Graphic Novel Adventures in No Man’s Sky from Dark Horse Comics
  • PS4 Dynamic Theme
  • DLC – Photonix Core ship upgrade
  • DLC – Trader Charisma skill boost
  • DLC – Boltcaster SM weapon blueprint

The No Man’s Sky Limited Edition is exclusive to GAME stores in the UK RRP £69.99


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