Battle Mode coming to Minecraft Console Edition in June

Hot off the Xbox Wire press today, Jaime Limon, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Minecraft, just announced a new mini mode for the console edition of ever popular sandbox builder.

Team Minecraft at Mojang, 4J Studios and Microsoft have been working on some cool free content for Minecraft: Console Edition, introducing mini games into the mix. With the new mini games, you can quickly and easily jump into competitions with tailor-made rulesets, so you can have fun straight away without having to fuss around with manual count-downs, laboriously prep loot chests or keep score. We won’t have long to wait for this to come out, so get your enchanted fishing poles ready. The first mini game rolling out, called Battle, will be here in June.

Minecraft Battle


Battle allows you to set up a competitive multiplayer fight for survival, where speed, strategy- and sometimes just pure luck- will make you the winner. Players in Battle matches use randomly generated resources found in chests placed in specially designed PVP maps and combat one another in a free for all death match until the final victor is determined. The fun’s not all over after you are defeated though, as fallen players can spectate the combat among remaining players in the match by freely flying around each arena as a bat. Battle matches can be played with up to four players in split-screen and up to 8 players online via Xbox Live. Or, you can find other community members to join your game via an in-game matchmaking system.

It all sounds like they’ve taken a huge leaf out of the modding community on PC to bring this style of play to console.  As huge Minecraft fans we have to say we’re excited to see this come to console!

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