Welcome to Gamer Tagged!

Who or what exactly is Gamer Tagged? We’re dedicated to gaming fans of any stripe, we want to share our enjoyment of the industry, discuss ideas, share memories, basically show gaming some love.

We hope you’ll come visit this wee corner of the web and chat about the same things we love, hate, play, or do otherwise… we won’t bite, we won’t be disparaging (unless you’re being REALLY daft), nor do we intend to irritate fanboys, start flamewars or troll.

In short, we’re four guys with a very large extended gaming family who ALL share a big love of games.

Happy Gaming and enjoy our thoughts, musings and findings across the web

…yeah, we know, we basically just copied our about us for our first blog post but give us a break, we’re new to this thing 😛

AriesFour Vocalgirth GreatScott TT Falcon Fox Fire

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